After you have gone wedding dress shopping and have decided to have your dress sewn for you, here are the steps you will need to follow to have it custom made for you. There may be some additional things that you will need to do through the construction process that are unique for your wedding gown:

If you are not happy with any wedding dresses you have tried on and you want your dress sewn, then follow these steps:

—Consider fabrics and laces that you want to use for the dress.
—Choose the fabric for the thickness/thinness and the ‘hang’ that will work for the dress.
—Choose the lace, if desired, for the overlay on the dress (you might like to have a chiffon or georgette as an overlay on the skirt as well).
—Choose any accessories and embellishments that you want for the dress (ex. beads, sequins, rhinestone belt, rhinestone appliques, trimmings, etc.).
—Choose a seamstress ( a professional seamstress, a family member, or a friend who is experienced).
—Plan enough time for the person who is sewing the dress to get it finished in plenty of time for bridal pictures. The last minute ’getting it finished’ is very stressful for you and the seamstress.
—Arrange in your schedule 3-4 dress fitting dates with the seamstress.
—Stick to your plan for the dress design; making changes along the way in what you want your dress to ‘look like’ will delay the seamstress in completing the dress ‘on time’.
—Look for and purchase accessories you will need on your wedding day (jewelry, shoes, hose, a slip, undergarments, etc.)
—Enjoy the process, take pictures along the way.