Creating a wedding gown starts with a base fabric, like bridal satin or silk. To add visual appeal, designers often incorporate overlays made from chiffon, georgette, organza, or lace. It’s important to note that the base fabric alone can also be used for the gown.

At Lace & Company, we offer a wide range of wedding dress fabrics for you to choose from. While other types of fabrics are accessible on the market, the ones mentioned below are readily available in our online bridal store.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress Material

Bridal Satin

This material is a widely used fabric for wedding dresses due to its versatility, durability, and affordability compared to silk. Bridal satin is typically crafted from synthetic fibers, such as polyester.

The term “satin” refers to the finish on the fibers, which results in a smooth and luxurious appearance. Depending on the type of satin, it can have a matte finish or a beautiful sheen without being overly shiny. Additionally, satin is also available in variations, such as silk satin. Some satins are specifically identified as duchesse satin or peau de soie, denoting the luxurious finish that adds body to the fabric.


This fabric is known for its lightweight and elegant qualities. Charmeuse can be made from polyester or silk and has a beautiful, smooth, and glossy sheen. It is highly sought after for certain dress styles due to its ability to drape well, creating a soft and flowing look.

When using charmeuse, designers can feature the shiny side of the fabric for a touch of glamour or use the matte side to achieve a more understated look without any shine. Feel free to ask us about our charmeuse options, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect fabric that suits your style.

Cotton, Batiste, and Voile

When choosing the perfect wedding dress material, you may opt for natural fibers such as cotton, batiste, and voile. These soft and lightweight materials work well for informal gowns or dresses used for spring or summer weddings. You may also look into those with a polyester blend, so there won’t be as much wrinkling.


Crepe is a woven or knitted fabric with a wrinkled or crinkly surface. The thin crepe de chine (a Chinese crepe) has a soft drape and is made from silk and synthetic fibers.


For brides looking for a beautiful, elegant, and traditional fabric for a wedding gown, turn to Lace & Company for high-quality silk. This fabric is made of a natural fiber produced by silkworms. Silk comes in many variations, including:

• Silk crepe, which has a slightly crinkly look.
• Silk satin, a type of fabric characterized by its smooth finish.
• Silk charmeuse, which is very soft and flowy.
• Silk shantung, a type of silk with a number of slubs (slight irregularities) woven into the fabric for texture.
• Silk dupioni, which has many slubs for a textured look.
• Silk taffeta, a smooth and crisp fabric.


Taffeta is a smooth, crisp fabric with some stiffness in it. It has a sheen, making it an elegant fabric choice for a bridal or ball gown. It comes in polyester, silk, acetate, and rayon fabrics.

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