Silk taffeta,  54 inches wide, 100% silk.  Excellent quality silk.  This fabric has body in it which give a crisp feel to it.     Ivory,   White

Taffeta is known as a luxury, high-end fabric.  It is used in wedding gowns, ball gowns, and formal attire.  The feel of Taffeta in your hands has a crisp feel (stiff).   Taffeta is a smooth, plain (no texture) woven fabric.  Silk taffeta is a natural fiber.  It feels starched; it holds it shape.  It is made from silk fibers and also from rayon and acetate fibers.  The word ‘Taffeta’ has its origin from Persia.  It means “twisted woven”.

It is recommended to have silk dry cleaned when cleaning is needed.

The Ivory taffeta is currently out-of-stock.