Having a custom wedding gown made is an excellent choice for a bride to make.  You will have a gown that is uniquely yours. No other bride will have the same wedding gown as yours, and it will be made to fit you. A professional seamstress can create the dress for you. Or you might have your mom, your grandma, or a friend who has the sewing skills create the dress for you. It is not hard to have a custom wedding gown made but the person who will be the seamstress needs to have good sewing skills, has had experience in sewing clothing, and understands how to ‘fit’ the pattern to you. There will be pattern adjustments and fittings during the process.  Fabric and lace choices will be a big consideration for the style of dress you want.


It helps to go to a bridal shop and go ‘dress shopping’ to determine what dress style is the most flattering for you . You will be able to see what look you want your dress to be, what dress style gives you the perfect look. Also check what color looks the best for your skin type. Be respectful at the bridal shop though.  They want to make a sale.  You might want to consider purchasing some accessories that you need from them.  If you happen to find ‘the perfect dress’ while looking and trying on dresses, if the price is what you can afford, then you might consider purchasing that one instead of having a custom gown made.


When the wedding gown is completed your wedding day is now set to be ‘the perfect day of your dreams’. You will feel very happy to be wearing a one-of-kind wedding gown that no one else has. You will feel very confident as you go throughout the day and evening because it fits you perfectly. You will be a gorgeous bride standing next to the groom.