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Sequins, Silver (flat), 4 mm

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30 in stock

30 in stock

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Sequins, 4 mm, Silver/Flat, bridal quality, 3/8 inches wide. Approximately 250 sequins per bag.

These sequins can be sewn on to any article of clothing, lace, formalwear, wedding gowns to dress them up with some sparkle. The sequins can also be glued on to any item for some sparkle.

Inches Centimeters
1/8 0.13 4 1/2″ 11.4
1/6 0.17 6″ 15.2
1/4 0.25 9″ 22.9
1/3 0.33 12″ 30.4
3/8 0.38 13 1/2″ 34.3
1/2 0.5 18″ 45.7
5/8 0.63 22 1/2″ 57.2
2/3 0.67 24″ 61.0
3/4 0.75 27″ 68.6
5/6 0.83 30″ 76.2
7/8 0.88 31 1/2″ 80.0
1 1.0 36″ 91.4

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