You want your wedding to be perfect. It can happen with a lot of planning and focus to put all the parts together. You can use a wedding planner or you can do it yourself.
Wedding planners can be quite pricy but worth all of the cost if you get too stressed with the details of the event. It is worth having a wedding planner to organize all of the many parts that have to be done for that perfect wedding day. They have a lot of contacts to get all the details scheduled and set up that are needed. They also have a lot of experience to take care of the problems that come up throughout the planning and, of course, on the wedding day itself.
You ‘can’ do all of the planning and organizing yourself with the help of some friends and family if this is what you want to do. The friends and family that you ask to help need to be reliable (to do what you ask them to do when it needs to get done).  Your ‘helpers’ need to be responsible. You don’t need the frustration of certain details not taken care of when they need to be completed.
Write down all the weeks that are from the engagement day to the wedding day, then list by each week all the preparations that need to be completed by certain dates as well as who will be helping with each detail. This will help you stay organized. Give yourself plenty of time on the calendar for all the preparations to be completed.
Stay positive.  Expect mix-ups, glitches, and the need to rearrange your plans when needed.  That perfect day can happen. You can create it yourself.  Planning and being organized are the key.