Embroidered net lace,  Ivory,   54 inches wide, corded flowers with corded scallop border design; eyelash fringe is along the scallop edges.  From the lace scallop border, going up to the top edge, there are groupings of a flower and leaves that are 4-5 inches apart on the remaining netting. The top edge of the lace has a coordinating scalloped edge that measures 2  1/2 inches wide. All the flower design areas are corded on this lace.

This lace is manufactured in 3.3 yard lengths. You can order whatever yardage amount that you need (example-if you need 4 yards, you will be sent a 3.3 yard piece and a .7 yard piece).

This white lace is out-of-stock (it is no longer available to reorder).