Corded Lace Trim (on netting),  1 inch wide, scalloped lace trim with eyelash fringe stitched on to a netting/tulle with cording stitched around the design. 1 inch wide, the pattern repeat is every  2  1/2 inches. This lace has a slight sheen to it (from rayon threads used). Use on a veil edge, a jacket, a neck line, a sleeve edge.      Ivory,     White

This lace is manufactured in  3  1/4 yard lengths. You can order any amount of lace that you need. If you order more than  3  1/4 yards, it will come in two pieces or more (ex. if you order 5 yards, you will receive a  3  1/4 yard piece and a  1  3/4 yard piece for a total of 5 yards).

Coordinating laces are: #20946, #20949.