Expert craftsmanship and masterful tailoring will only get you so far, especially when in the service of a tasteless concept.  No two dresses are equal.  This old adage goes doubly for these dresses.

Her dress looks like a creamsicle bar that got dropped on the sidewalk on a hot day, the tiara looks like a blend of pope hat and fancy trashcan.  The groom, however, is splendidly pulling off the traffic cone look.

“Jeans wedding dress made from jeans trousers history inspired in 18.century” found on Etsy.  The listing describes this as a “Rustic, Vintage, Genuine California gold rush denim dress” with a price tag of a mere $5000.  Looked like a promising design up until I noticed the waistband fringe.

Putin Dress

This one speaks loud enough on its own.

Have you seen any dresses that were well executed but in awful taste?  Tell us about them below!