Beaded Trim, White/Beaded,  1  3/4 inches wide, organza strip with 5-petal beaded flowers,  2 double rows of seed beads – one is at the top edge of the trim, the other one is at the bottom edge of the trim, the beaded flowers are in the middle area. The flowers have sequins in the petal area, seed beads outline the flower petals, a large pearl is in the center of each flower.  There are white seed beads stitched randomly around in the center area all around the flowers. This is a cute trim, sparkly.

This lace trim does not bend well (the organza is somewhat stiff), it can bend slightly.  It can be used around the waistline, sleeve edges, or hemline to embellish a garment. This trim measures 1  3/4 inches wide, the pattern repeat is every 1  5/8 inches.