5 Popular Wedding Dress Accessories We Can Make Look Fabulous!


After weeks of searching, you’ve finally said ‘yes to the dress’. You have found your perfect wedding dress that you feel beautiful in. After the alterations, the venue, catering and the rest of your outfit.. Your budget is probably coming down to its last few dollars. There are a few ways you can complete your last few finishing touches without breaking the bank. Here are a few accessories you can add just that extra touch you need to get that designer look!


The Dress

Lace Appliques, Beads, Pearls

Alterations are done, your dress fits you like a glove and you look stunning! But it still could use something more. You may want to consider a belt or a sash to tie your whole look together. Looking for some sparkle? Bridal belts are typically made of beading or decorative crystals. They can be wide and flashy or small and delicate. If you want a little less sparkle, bridal Sashes offer a more subtle delicate look. They are a beaded applique attached to a ribbon. You can tie it with a bow in the back or ask your seamstress to attach it with a few stitches so you can still have your back exposed if needed.  Whatever you choose, its the perfect finish to accentuate your waist and highlight your dress in the perfect way.


The Veil

Tulle, Bridal Comb, Russian Veiling/Birdcage Nettings

It can be overwhelming to choose the perfect wedding veil to complete your overall look. There are many beautiful styles of veils. A veil is the finishing touch to any bridal look, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make a style statement all your own. So why not customize it to your satisfaction? Once you decide on the length, fabric and style that you want. There are so many options to enhance your veil. You can embellish it with delicate pearls or diamonds or even sequence! Whether you are going for a bold sparkle or more of a soft romantic feel, customizing to match your wedding’s overall theme will help you stand out from the crowd.


The Garter

Lace Appliques, Beads, Pearls, Beaded Trims


If you are a bride who decides to partake in the old tradition of the garter toss, then there are a few options you have when it comes to design. You can keep it traditional white or really choose any color of the rainbow. Look for a style that’s made of soft stretch lace that will lay flat against your skin. They typically come in ruched, satin style or a lace band. Adding a rhinestone applique adds a bit of glam. Or just accessorizing in rhinestones, sequence or pearls. Your garter is a fun and sexy tradition that adds a bit of excitement to the day. And some great pictures!


The Shoes

Lace Appliques, Beads, Pearls, Rhinestones

Every woman should feel like a queen from head to toe. Choosing the right shoes are vital for any bride. Spicing up your shoes on your own gives you the opportunity to find a shoe that you will be comfortable dancing and standing in all day. Starting with a basic pair of white or ivory shoes is your blank canvas. You have so many options from painting the bottom of the sole so it will match your colors, adding an applique lace along the heel or embellishing with rhinestones, pearls, bows or even flowers and feathers! So many possibilities to have that designer look without having to settle for something within budget.


The Headpiece

Beads, Pearls, Rhinestones, Bridal Comb


Some brides choose to not go the traditional route and not wear a veil. Some decide to go bold with a headband, tiara or even a hat (and some want both!).  There must be a headpiece to complete your head to toe look. Whatever style of bride you are, hair accessories are a category not to be overlooked, they’re basically jewelry for your hair! You can choose from embellished headbands, combs or tiaras. There are also hairpins with rhinestone or pearls, hair vines or clips with blossoms and leaves!  Lace and Co. offers so many options to enhance your wedding attire. I hope this has left you inspired to create your dream wedding look!